Child Marriage Causes Many Disadvantages (Madharat)

Child Marriage Causes Many Disadvantages (Madharat)

Zudi Rahmanto, S.Ag., M.Ag., became born in Gunung Kidul, on June 17, 1973. After having completed his bachelor diploma from Faculty of Sharia and grasp degree in Islamic Law majoring in Family Law from Sunan Kalijaga State Islamic Institute (IAIN) of Yogyakarta, he now serves as the Head of KUA (the Office of Religious Affairs) of Wonosari Sub-district, Gunung Kidul Regency. Married to Hj. Siti Mu’tamiroh, SPd.T, the couple is bestowed with 3 kids, Zidni Hannan Hamida, Ataaka Syafi’i Muhammad and Zaaira Nailush Shava. Here is the interview of Swara Rahima with the speaker of various Islamic Great Day Celebration (PHBI) in Gunung Kidul and its surrounding vicinity, who is also a lecturer at STAI (Islamic College) of Yogyakarta, Wonosari, and also a Secretary of PCNU—Branch Administrator of Nahdlatul Ulama—of Gunung Kidul Regency about toddler marriage.

Is there any exercise of child marriage which you discover in the society?

If the kid marriage you are asking about is the marriage wherein the age of the bride and the groom refers back to the Article 7 paragraph (1) of the Marriage Law which prescribes the minimum age of marriage is 16 for women and 19 for guys, it’s miles still located. Usually, the woman continues to be below 16 and the boy is below 19 with a dispensation of marriage from the Religious Courts (PA). But throughout 2016, of all married couples, it turned into the groom who turned into nonetheless underneath-age and came from out of doors Wonosari Sub-district, Gunungkidul.

Previously, I served inside the Sub-district of Tepus. Of the diverse instances of toddler marriages we obtained, the girls have been normally pregnant. Meanwhile, the boy who became nevertheless 19 years antique impregnated his mate i.E. A female who was nonetheless a baby also.


Why is the practice of infant marriage still taking place?

There are several causes, amongst others, pre-marital being pregnant case, and it is greater dominant. Second, due to further relationship though being pregnant has now not passed off but, for worry of social sanction/stuck crimson-surpassed. For instance, there may be a boy who is used to journeying a girl’s residence, ta’aruf, in a place in which its social norms are virtually speed dating strict. So, their parents and the people pressured them to marry as opposed to they could be caught and taken to the defend submit that makes them ashamed. So, it is surely to cover own family’s disgrace. The third is due to economic purpose. The parents generally want their daughter to be impartial immediately. In this example, the dad and mom need their daughter to be immediately ‘released’ from the responsibility of the dad and mom because, after marriage, parents’ responsibility might shift from the dad and mom to the shoulders of the husband in their daughter. That is what makes the dad and mom need to be exempted from the duty of taking care of their daughter. The parents never recall who might be the husband of their daughter. The essential component is their daughter experience right to her husband. That’s why we ought to locate many families which can be child couple and also nevertheless immature. The crucial aspect is they are not the responsibility of the dad and mom.

What efforts had been made by KUA to save you the exercise of child marriage?

There are several things we do. First is pre-marriage training for students in colleges and madrasah (Islamic college). We had been actively imparting a program to the college or madrasah at the sub-district level. The point is we asked the college to provide us a time for Teaching and Learning Activities (KBM) that would be guided through KUA. They were actually welcome. Usually, we take the time after the exam, before the scholars acquire their study record, in the course of class-meeting pastime. That is the exact time in preference to they simply play games. Second is pre-marriage training for the mosque’s kids. This is in general carried out by means of Islamic religious counselor thru education mosque’s kids. But this is much less effective due to the fact additionally it is carried out at night. The third is the involvement of religious counselor in the maturation of marriage age. Any time we have socialization hobby in the society, we paintings collectively and entails numerous events, such as Puskesmas (Community sanatorium) or PLKB (Family making plans fieldworkers). The fourth is incorporating the Simulation of Child Marriage Impacts in Various Events of the Village. It is conducted by means of role play, as one version of infant marriage prevention campaigns. So, playing a position like fragment of the own family, as an example, the children get married, then at some point of parenting in the section of breastfeeding of the child. Tell them the various affects of being young dad and mom inclusive of social, monetary, and interest impact. They will get surprised how the child need to deal with the child, for example.

The schedule became carried out in numerous activities of the village primarily based on fixed procedure, or before the August 17th Commemoration. So, delivering a message thru theatrical with the subject of Child Marriage. And the fifth is thru Socialization or Cooperation with Puskesmas and PLKB. It is extra targeted on the socialization of guidelines this is how we convey messages within the area and the respective scope of labor related to reproductive health, specially regarding the prevention of infant marriage. This is a pass-sectoral coordination.

What do you watched of the concept of growing the minimum age to marry for girls from 16 to 18 years antique? What is the impact of the rejection of Constitutional Court (MK) for your overall performance in the area?

Actually, increasing marriage age is affordable, while still giving a solution for citizens who must be excluded due to numerous reasons.

I think there is an effect associated with the decision that sincerely needs to examine once more. That is what makes us uncomfortable as we simplest put in force the Laws. On the other hand, let us first agree what child marriage is and how its age restriction is. KUA has emerge as a place to invite by using many events why child marriage is still growing. In truth, we best put into effect the law that accidentally did no longer win while it became being sued. Since the start, there aren’t any similar provisions of the Marriage Law (16 years vintage) and the Child Protection Law (18 years vintage).

With regard to the query on the way to prevent baby marriage, while we had a meeting with the neighborhood government and the sub-district discussing why toddler marriage or early marriage continues to be growing, what becomes the reference is the age limit as mentioned in the Marriage Law this is sixteen years old. Is it considered younger marriage? That is likewise a question.

The case of child marriage is incredibly high in Gunung Kidul Regency. How is the outline of infant marriage which is still taking place here?

It can not be separated from the bridge and the groom who on the whole file a marriage dispensation to the Religious Court (PA) for the reasons of the bride’s pregnancy. Filing on the ground of pre-marital being pregnant could sincerely be granted by means of the Panel of Judges, with consideration not handiest for the pastimes of the bride however also for the interests of the toddler who can be born.

Some couples usually use a ploy that the lady is already pregnant to get a permit or dispensation. They use that modus because the judge will furnish it. The typology of rural humans, specifically middle-low society, after they stumble with the trouble or hard issue, they research from the experience of others how to get away from that problem or if you want to be granted. Accidentally, I determined such case once I changed into in Tepus. He informed me that he searched for statistics from human beings in different villages. They stated it is straightforward simply confess pregnancy. Then, to attend to something, they search for references, methods and slots to break out from the trouble.

What are the factors that purpose child marriage?

A). Social/subculture, relation shift/ commingling. Nowadays, there was a shift in values associated with morality which is meant to bind friendship or to obey ethical norms. In this regard, it changes plenty. A relation which is to start with wonderful becomes poor because of a shift in values. Where, these values also are received from both the network or education in the faculties. This might also need to be supported via the information whether or not IT (Information Technology) has an effect in converting the values of the society. B). Economics. This is with reference to the preference of the parents to break out from their responsibility, and there may be also a choice of the kid with a view to meet her/his way of life. The lifestyle is now wonderful. The smartphone’s balance appears to have end up a necessity. As a result, lots of girls and boys are out of manipulate in relationship. It’s a venture. C). Low religiosity. Well, the religious spirit of the youngsters or the spirit to have a look at and deepen the spiritual know-how or others in reality decreases now. They lose to the attraction of Smartphone. Television is now no longer interesting leisure for them, teenagers, some mother and father, and kids.

How does the Islamic non secular discourse influence the practices of baby marriage which might be very rampant?

As a ways as I understand, it is not often located how Islamic regulation speaks approximately marriage age. What takes place is the people know that there’s a way out to get married beneath the minimum age (stipulated in the Law) by using offering to a nearby Religious Court (PA). At the grassroots stage, there may be additionally no discussion concerning the age. That Islam has constrained, it does no longer take place. There is no discussion associated with religious doctrine or fiqh as a justification for child marriage. The query that commonly seems is whether or not my child is capable of get married or not even though he/she continues to be underage. Formerly, there is a exercise of ‘shopping for age’. For instance, born in 1999 stated in 1989. So there is 10 years difference. Now, growing the age in such a way is difficult due to the development of the population system. The best way is to document for a dispensation to the court. And it turns into Jurisprudence so that the instances can be completed. When a person comes to KUA to seek advice from about it, we have no energy and we say that your toddler could not get married because of age hassle. But there is a piece of writing for an answer, and then we advocate them to advise dispensation in the courtroom.

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